Angel Server Move Email

This email was sent to all clients currently hosted on the Angel server:

We are excited to announce that we have secured an awesome deal on an upgraded server and will be moving all clients from Angel to Astrid this Tuesday night at 10pm. Thanks to some wonderful advancements with cPanel, you should not experience any downtime during this move. Also, you will not need to change your site’s DNS because the nameservers are staying the same. Please take a minute to check your DNS and make sure it is A1.ESTARR.COM, A2.ESTARR.COM and if it is not, enter a ticket on the helpdesk to make sure you didn’t get this email in error and you should in fact change your DNS.

If you have the opportunity, please check your account to make sure all of your scripts are up to date (a requirement of our Acceptable Use Policy) as the new server will have the latest Apache, PHP and MySQL. If you do not do this it may cause your scripts to not work properly after the move. And take a look in your account and make sure there is nothing that you don’t need/want because the less files we have to move, the more smoothly the server transfer will be. This will be a great opportunity for you to clean out any unnecessary clutter and free up some space!

If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, please go to and enter a helpdesk ticket and we will be happy to help.

Thank you all for choosing E-Starr and remaining loyal clients through the years!

13 Ways to Make Money From Your Site

Many business sites already have a clear way to make money from their site. They offer a product or service or information for a price. But what if you don’t have a business website. What if you’re just a person with a hobby that needs to find a way to pay for that hobby? Well, here’s my list of ways you can make money from your site.

1. Join affiliate programs. Affiliate programs, like ours, pay you for sending your visitors to sign up for their service or when they purchase a product. Some others I like are VistaPrint and Redbox (free movie rentals).

2. Add Google Adsense to your site. Adsense will create custom ads to go along with your content. Great if you have a blog or site that doesn’t sell a product.

3. Sell advertising directly from your site. You can choose the cost and who you’ll advertise. You can also offer to make banners for the site your advertising, which will help get advertisers that don’t have banners already.

4. Post sponsored topics on your blog. Websites will pay you to post about their website or product, or sometimes give you a free product to post about it. Some places you can sign up to do paid posts are Blogsvertise, PayPerPost, SponsoredReviews, LinkWorth, ReviewMe, PostsGenius, and SocialSpark.

5. If you’re good at photography, you can sell prints of your photos online. Prints can be very inexpensive to make, as the quality of the photo comes from your ability to find a great shot.

6. Premium Templates are also a good way to make money. You could make WordPress templates or just regular HTML templates and sell them for an affordable price.

7. Sell hosting. This one has to be my favorite. Just buy a Reseller hosting package and resell the space you don’t use. Upgrade your package as you need, keeping you a step ahead.

8. Ask for donations. I’m not talking about becoming a webcam girl and taking your clothes off for donations, but offer something for free and ask your visitors to donate if they like it. There are a few sites I’ve donated to simply because I valued their service and wanted to help make sure it was updated.

9. Pop-Ups (and Pop Unders) are a very unpopular form of advertising and I won’t recommend them, but they’re an option. Most people have pop-up blockers these days but the ones who don’t are probably your target audience anyway.

10. Sell an e-book. If you’ve already done as I explained in the last T13 and made yourself an expert, then you might be able to sell an e-book. I definitely recommend getting some assistance with creating and editting the e-book, simply because you don’t want people to be upset that it has poor quality.

11. Put your newsletter to work. I also listed a newsletter as a way to keep visitors and you can use it to make money by partnering with someone (affiliate) and sending your affiliate link out through your newsletter suggesting their product or service to your subscribers. I don’t suggest you do this often or without any valuable content in between or you could lose visitors.

12. Offer consulting services. If you know how to do something, offer to teach or coach others how to do it as well. An example would be if you were to learn so much about search engine optimization while creating your own website that you could now teach others or even do it for them, for a fee.

13. Offer a class. You can use services like GoToMeeting to put on a class and teach subscribers how or why they want to do something. This will allow you to spend your time with multiple people and keep your class affordable, while earning enough money to make it worth your time.

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13 Ways to Retain Visitors

So now you’re getting visitors to your site, the next step is to keep them there and keep them coming back. While the first step was building relationships with people and other bloggers, this step is about what you can offer anyone who arrives at your site.

1. Quality design. Design isn’t just about how something looks, it’s also about how well it works. Make sure you have no errors on your site and that you don’t offer too much information in a small space.

2. Quality content. No matter what kind of site you have, you need quality content. Especially if you’re trying to earn money from your website, you want to give people a reason to come to your site and a reason to come back.

3. Offer something. You can keep visitors and even create links to your site by offering something people can take away with them. Whether it’s information, graphics, free samples, anything you can offer your visitors will show them you appreciate them.

4. Link quality sites. If you link to other quality sites that captivate and retain visitors, those links will also be added to the value of your own website.

5. Establish yourself as an expert. If your visitors feel that you’re the expert on a subject they will return to your website for answers when they have questions. They will bookmark your site. Most importantly, they will take your suggestions, which at times may make you money.

6. Visit your visitors. Especially if you have a blog, visiting those who comment on your site also shows you appreciate them and will bring them back to see what you’ve posted since their last visit.

7. Respond promptly. If you receive a Facebook message, email, tweet mention, comment, or guestbook post it is important to reply promptly. You don’t want your visitors to feel as though they or your website are not important to you. Also, you may not know just how powerful that person can be and what a review of your site on theirs could mean to you.

8. Be honest. Especially in business, honesty is important. And if something negative happens (if you make a client unhappy somehow), being honest and acknowledging your client (even publicly) will most likely clear up the situation and will show others observing that you are responsible and turns a negative to a positive.

9. Create and use a Newsletter. A newsletter allows you to email and invite people in to your site at will. You will want to be responsible with this and not email too much, and also make sure each email provides value.

10. Limit advertising. Advertising is okay, and may even be necessary. But don’t use so much advertising that your visitors can’t find your content. This will annoy your visitors and you’ll have more people moving on to the X.

11. Quality advertising is also important. If your website is about being a mom and you have ads about adult diapers, you’re not likely to make a whole lot on that, so there’s really no point to even having that ad there. Google’s Adsense is good for creating ads that relate to your content. However, you may not choose Adsense if you’re company that offers a service because you may find your competitor’s ads on your site.

12. Quality writing is also important. If you cannot spell or don’t know proper grammar (at least as much as your visitors), you could lose them. I’ve chosen to leave a sign and buy from a competitor simply because no one thought to get a copy editor or even ask a friend to read over the content.

13. Be visual. When I arrive at a website with a minimalist design, I usually leave right away. I am a very visual person and if your design (or content, some use a minimalist design around their photos) is boring I won’t have any interest in finding out what your site is about. But don’t go so overboard with images that your visitors are overwhelmed and your content gets lost.

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others’ comments. It’s easy, and fun!

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